too proud

The shortfilm series too proud began with the production of Flow in 2011. We are working continuously on the series and it is meant to be watched like you would read a book of poems. The shorts are losely attached to each other and all approach the same theme, which can best be described by this forced analogy:

UNWORTHY = too proud to be helped

The series follows the problems of a generation which could have had everything. A generation which grew up in the believe of a never before experienced freedom. A generation which was unable to live with this knowledge. It’s irrelevant if this generation indeed does exist. It is the result of our observations and experiences and in too proud we follow little moments of it’s ordinariness, it’s consciousness. Neither does the series present truths, nor abstract forms of probabilities. too proud is exactly what the words mean. The result of pride, the search for a differenz in the middle of infinity, caught in self produced problems, transformed into aesthetic objects of poetic filmmaking (you can find more on our definition and understanding of this concept in our text to Flow).