The Camera Eye (2015)

The Camera Eye is a spontaneous, experimental short film. It was filmed in an exhibition of the Estonian artist Malle Leis and shows in its main shot a section out of a documentary about her.

The experiment took place on two levels: Firstly, there was the idea to film a documentary about the creation of a painting, that is on display right next to the screen the documentary is being shown on, and after that to recreate the setting of an exibition by displaying the new footage like a painting in a galary. In this manner, the different forms of artificial and medial referentiality should be made visible. And secondly, the camera should be considered as an active part of the videos design, which is not just used and controlled by the artist. For the shot a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FS3 was used with a 4:3 (640:480) video setting. The white balance was switched to automatic to ensure that the camera would try to balance out the image when being confronted with rapidly changing light environments. Thus, the camera were directly involved in the image creation process.

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