Flow (2011)

Flow passed trough a long production process. Its basic concept goes back to a poem, on which we worked while writing our bachelor thesis’ in the spring of 2011. The text never evolved to our liking and little by little we began to transform central ideas of the poem into film. A short time after that, we dismissed the writing completely and Flow became the precise filmic recreation of the emotion stress.

Also, Flow marks the begin of our intention to form the genre of poetic filmmaking. By that, we don’t mean to adapt poems into film, but to create films in a poetic sense, that matches the difference between epic and poetic writing for films. Therefore, the core of poetic filmmaking is an associative presentation of ideas and to tell an actual story is not that important. You could compare it with the surreal cinema. But the strong reliance of the surrealists on highly symbolic language and communication is not an imperative element for poetic filmmaking.

We still work on the concept and don’t have a clear definition yet. If you like our thoughts so far though feel free to contact us (addresses etc. can be found in the site notice).

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