• The Power of Breaking a Habit

    If people talk about speed in movies, usually they mean the speed of the series of pictures, they talk about the montage, about the process of editing. This topic isn’t often the center of interest of the common moviegoer. Mostly people just talk about the narrative of a film. But the editing is one of the main parts, which creates the final expression of the film. Read More
  • A Universal Disease - How Not To Change A Series

    I recently watched the newest Universal Soldier installment, called "Day of Reckoning". And a day of reckoning it was. I'm not complaining about plot holes. With the Universal Soldier series that would be like shooting fish in a barrel. What I got was one of the most confusing experiences since watching "Irréversible" (2002). Read More
  • Feeding Frenzy - The Passion of Movie Making

    It seems I have seen enough. But no form of satisfaction was left behind, except for this hollow feeling that something in me was slowly dying.So I started thinking: What was it again that made me fall in love with films in the first place? What was this magic that drew me toward it and why is this feeling gone now? And then I discovered "Feeding Frenzy". Read More
  • Suspense through Discomposure

    Na Hong-jin’s 추격자 (Eng.: The Chaser) is a well-told, and above all, a well-timed film. The excellent editing becomes apparent in the rhythmic pattern of the film: slow-paced sequences alternate with rapid chase scenes, while the real tragedy of time running-out enfolds in the background. Read More
  • Hong Kong – A Love Story without an Actual Story

    Johnnie To’s “Sparrow” (2008) is everything except an overly masculine, die-hard gangster film for which the director is known for. “Sparrow” is a romanticising portrait of Hong Kong at its best. The cinematic homage is an associative, photographic, anecdotal and most of all episodic film. Read More
  • Man of Steel - A Dream Gone By

    When it was announced that they wanted to reboot Superman Nolan-style, there were a lot of voices saying that what might have worked for Batman, could never work for Superman, because the idea of a human look-alike alien with every imaginable super power coming to earth would just be way too far fetched to begin with. I disagree! Read More
  • Tetsuo - A ride to movie hell

    I am a big fan of Darren Aronofsky. A few years back, in an interview on some special edition DVD-Set, I heard him talk about his artistic influences and he mentioned the Japanese director Shin’ya Tsukamoto and his breakthrough movie Tetsuo: The Iron Man. Since then, I planned to watch this movie and now I finally came around doing it. So yeah, let me tell you about Tetsuo. Read More
  • Who the fuck is Khan?

    A few days back, I went to the movies and watched “Jurassic World”. I don’t really know why I did it, but there I was watching refabricated scenes and tropes of “Jurassic Park” and other monster action movies mashed into one, a forced premise on top and stupid plot decisions. But I didn’t mind that much, until the movie decided that it doesn’t need to only quote its predecessors but in doing so it destroyed the whole universe it tried to establish so far. Read More
  • A Coffee in Berlin ... oh boy.

    I am sitting in a café in Mitte. The sun is shining. I am enjoying black coffee and a few cigarettes. People are walking past me, tourists, families with kids, couples hand in hand, old ones and young ones. Middle-class,seemingly happy-go-lucky belated youngsters in their late twenties, characterized through a sense of fashion that suggests a mixture between an awareness of the importance of external appearance and a moderately bohemian attitude. Technically it's a good day. Read More
  • Frances Ha - "Tell me the story of us"

    People keep saying to me: "Grow up!" But here is the thing, I don't want to. Why should I pretend to be all serious about life, when all I see is a sometimes sad sometimes funny joke? Show me the reason to grow up. And then a friend of mine recommended “Frances Ha” to me with the words: “We are not alone.” Read More
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